Mac users in companies feel more productive and creative, their job satisfaction is higher they are more involved in teamwork. This is the result of a survey conducted by our site

It is therefore not surprising to learn that 97% of respondents who work on Macs observed an increase in their productivity; 95% of them were more creative; 94% more technologically autonomous; and 91% improved their collaborative work. Nearly 8 in 10 people (79%) believe they could not do their job effectively without using a Mac. An even higher figure in the human resources and information technology sectors (83% for each).

For 89% of employees surveyed, macOS software is easier to use than its PC counterparts. This simplicity of use is praised in all the sectors of activity covered by this study

The reliability of the Mac is one of the platform’s strengths. 36% of users have not had any problems with their computer in the last 12 months (33% once or twice, 8% six to ten times). The three main sources of computer problems that affect Mac users are network and Wi-Fi (50%), applications that do not work (35%) and connection and identification issues (31%).

80% of respondents previously used a PC at work, before switching to a Mac. 74% of them experienced fewer problems on their Mac, 19% the same level of concerns, and 7% unfortunately had more bugs.

The study concludes that employers have everything to gain by leaving the choice of their machine to their employees. This makes them more productive (85%), more creative (82%) and they feel more valued (80%). 94% of employees are more likely to choose or stay in a company if they are given the opportunity to choose their preferred computer.


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