Before buying modern kitchen furniture, several factors have to be taken into account, such as functionality and aesthetics: you need to call on the right retailer. Only a professional can give sound advice on furnishing, especially with regard to the type of house and the profile of the people who will live in it.

For over fifty years, we has been the reference point for all those looking for MODERN KITCHEN FURNITURE: you will find an infinite number of modern kitchen solutions in our France stores, thanks to a policy of continuous development.

The world of kitchens has always been our passion. This is why, if you are looking for MODERN KITCHEN FURNITURE, we offer to accompany you to discover the latest novelties in the sector.

The best kitchen furniture
The best kitchen furniture? You will find them at eggo of furniture made in Germany. Linear or corner kitchens, with central or peninsula islands, small or open-plan living rooms: eggo offers many solutions for your kitchen furniture.

Our tips for making the right choice in the kitchen

Our tips for making the right choice in the kitchen
Before investing in a piece of furniture that you like, think about taking the dimensions of the room to know the space available for your furniture. If you wish to place a piece of furniture hanging on the wall do not forget to measure the available height above the sink for example.

In the choice of a piece of kitchen furniture we have classified three types of product that we think is essential in this room which we have classified as follows :

The kitchen sideboard
The kitchen sideboard
The hanging chest of drawers
The kitchen sideboard is a small piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere in a small space, it is often on wheels to keep mobility. It is a functional piece of furniture, not too heavy and can also be useful in the dining room.

The kitchen sideboard is the most imposing piece of furniture that will contain the dishes, knives, glasses. Once placed it does not move. The kitchen sideboard is design, it will give style to your room. It consists of storage space and shelves to place the microwave, for example.

The hanging chest of drawers is a space-saving piece of furniture in the kitchen. It is often installed above the sink for easy access to utensils. It is a little more complex to install because it is suspended and because of the load it has to hold. Don’t take the plunge when installing a chest of drawers suspended on a plasterboard wall for example. This type of product requires a solid fixing to avoid accidents. Nevertheless, it is a very functional piece of furniture that keeps dangerous products out of the reach of children.

The essential and aesthetic kitchen furniture

The kitchen is one of the rooms where one spends the most time at home with the living room and the bedroom. It should be shaped in order to have a pleasant and functional place to live. We have seen that the lighting in the kitchen needs to be well thought out in order to feel comfortable with, for example, the dedicated kitchen ceiling light above your table.

If you have a work surface, the installation of led strips in the kitchen is also a point that we discussed and is now essential for preparing meals.

The kitchen requires a lot of attention both in terms of comfort with the chairs and the kitchen table, but also in terms of functionality with the kitchen furniture to store tableware, soup plates, utensils such as tojiro knives, the kitchen thermometer and even the cast iron pots and pans in stainless steel.

Finally the aesthetic aspect of the kitchen furniture is not to be outdone and must be adapted to your interior and also in adequacy with your cooking piano to have a harmony in the hues and the look of your kitchen.

Organizing the kitchen remains quite complex and requires time, we will try to present you the best current trends in storage furniture. Before going any further, here are four models in promotion that might be of interest to you.


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