Which smartphone to choose?
Identifying your need is essential, so as not to move towards a product that is too limited or too complicated. Play and photography pushed: you need power. Candy Crush and an e-mail from time to time: no need to pay 500 €. You can find our selection of the best Android and iOS smartphones by price range.

Which smartphone has the best range?
With greedy uses and energy-consuming configurations, the battery of our smartphones is not spared. The solution? A combination of high capacity (3000 mAh and more) and above all a good optimization. Recharging before the end of the evening is a breeze! If endurance is your priority, we have selected the best smartphones of its kind.

Which smartphone size to choose?
With the rise in content consumption on smartphones, screen sizes have skyrocketed. It has become difficult to find a smartphone on the screen that is less than 5.5 inches (14 cm) diagonal. The trend is towards ever larger, ever better defined and ever thinner borders. We invite you to discover our choices of the best “small” and “big” smartphones.

What is the best smartphone for taking pictures?
Smartphones have definitely buried compact cameras. With more and more beautiful shots, more and more photo modules, the smartphone becomes the camera you always carry with you. To be at the top, don’t just focus on the number of megapixels. Large photosites, optical compensation Among all the smartphones that have passed through our photo test scene, we offer you those that have our preference for beautiful photos, in all conditions.


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